How I came to Love Traveling…

From a very young age, traveling to me meant moving from one place to another, just as google defines it. I traveled from home to school, from home to my aunty place or from home to my friends place, there was nothing more to it than seeing people. The thought of going to Mombasa for a vacation was like a dream and mark you at some point in my life I lived in Mombasa, funny right. The beach seemed to be the only site attractive to me, I didn’t marvel at the site of hills, lakes, rivers, there was practically nothing attractive about them to me, then. It never made sense to me why someone would choose to go to Mount Kenya and not go Coast, like really, you don’t have enough mountains in your life to climb?

So, one day (there is always a “one day” part, you were waiting for it I know), in 2013 I was 20 years old, my then boyfriend ( I haven’t had a lot of them in case you were wondering) took me to Lake Elementaita. They have an Orphanage by the lake and one of his friends Dan was managing one of the private lodges just by the lake, he offered to host us for a weekend which we of course extended for a week or so.

Lake Elementaita Kenya

Pink Lodge was the name of the place, still is, and for the first time in forever I understood in depth the meaning of breathtaking, the grass was greener, the flowers smelled like heaven, the sleeping warrior felt like safety and the lake mm the lake called out my name, it was just beautiful. That was what I expected to feel, you know, nature but I felt nothing. I still wasn’t attracted to the mass of water, to the mass of sand, let alone the flowers. These where plain things to me.

In the time of our stay, everything was great, good music, good food and amazing conversations. Then this particular day I don’t know what I said or did, to be honest I can not remember, what I do remember is him being so mad at me that he walked out of our cottage and headed toward the lake and sat on a sand stone facing the lake. I being a lover and not a fighter didn’t follow him but sat down and started thinking of how I would apologies without saying a word. I looked around me and there were flowers everywhere, I got up plucked a lot of them as I had read in romantic novels, wrote I AM SORRY using them on our bed followed with a heart below it, hoping he would walk in and see it, but one hour went by and he was still seated by the lake on that stone. I gathered up courage and I started walking towards him, it was about 6pm and it was windy, the lake had small waves and the water was so green. Not having anything to say, I sat beside him, he did not move, he did not say anything, he just stared right head, he seemed to be in so much peace you couldn’t even think we had had an argument. And there we sat staring at the water and then the sun started to go down, it was the most beautiful unexplainable thing I ever saw, yes the sun always did set but have you ever been in that moment with it? we were in that moment.

Sunset at Lake Magadi Kenya

He reached out for my hand and I laid my head on his shoulder, it was so peaceful and right there in that moment we breathed out the anger, rage, disappointment, the frustration we felt for each other and breathed in life. Nature did not give us a choice, it automatically restored us, our hearts our souls and our minds to default setting.

And that my friend was my first experience with nature, it’s power to bring anything to life without force but unexplainable beauty. From that day a hill is not just a hill, a lake is not just mass of water and flowers take my breath away.

And so I travel….

I love traveling even without a reason. I am a happy soul and traveling and meeting new people maintains that energy